Computer Info/ART (IMED)


IMED 1301  Introduction to Digital Media  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This course offers a survey of the theories, elements, and hardware/software components of digital media. Emphasis is on conceptualizing and producing digital media presentations.
Course Type: Technical

IMED 1316  Web Page Design I  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This course covers instruction in web design and related graphic design including mark-up languages and browser issues.
Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1325 or ITSC 1319 or approval of Department Chair
Course Type: Technical

IMED 1341  Interface Design with Photoshop  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 2 Lab)  

This course offers skill development in the interface design process relative to a project's content and delivery system with emphasis on aesthetic usability.
Course Type: Technical

IMED 2311  Web Portfolio Development  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 2 Lab)  

This course includes preparation and enhancement of portfolio to meet professional standards, development of presentation skills, and job-seeking techniques.
Prerequisite(s): ITSC 1319, ITSE 1359, ITSE 2313
Course Type: Technical

IMED 2315  Web Page Design II  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This course covers mark-up language and advanced layout techniques for creating web pages. Emphasis is on identifying the target audience and producing web sites according to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and legal issues.
Prerequisite(s): IMED 1316 or Department Chair approval
Course Type: Technical