Cosmetology Operator, Associate of Applied Science

Program Information

Helping other people look and feel their best is one of the most fulfilling career paths you can take. A career in cosmetology gives you this kind of satisfaction. There is no better way to enter the field than at San Jacinto College. Our programs give you the training you need to become licensed by the state as a hair designer, facial specialist, nail technician, hair weaving and braiding specialist, eye lash extension specialist, or cosmetology instructor. Look around the city and you will see no shortage of businesses offering these services, and new ones open almost daily. You could work anywhere from neighborhood salons to high-end day spas, or follow your dream to open your own business.

The San Jacinto College Cosmetology program:

  • Is designed to prepare students with the technical skills and theoretical knowledge required for an entry-level position in the cosmetology operator profession;
  • Offers students the opportunity to complete the 1,000 hours of required training to be eligible to take the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Cosmetology Operator examination; and
  • Prepares students to be hairdressers, hair weavers, salon operators, facial specialists, manicurists, eye lash specialists, and more.

Career Opportunities

Students completing a San Jacinto College Cosmetology program may pursue careers as:

  • Hairdressers,
  • Color specialists,
  • Manicurists,
  • Make-Up artists, and
  • Facial specialists.

Earning Potential

Hairdressers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists: $29,062 per year1


Source:, median salary Gulf Coast region, 2021

For more information, students may contact North campus, 281-998-6350, x7168 or South campus, 281-998-6350, x3587.


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The Cosmetology Operator curriculum is designed to provide the student with basic knowledge and skills required to pass the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations Examination for licensing and for entry-level employment in professional salons. Emphasis is placed on using these skills and knowledge in a simulated salon. All key aspects of the beauty profession are addressed.

Students enrolling into San Jacinto College programs with external learning experiences (i.e., clinical, practicum, externship, cooperative, etc.) will be required to comply with the immunization requirements and policies of the clinical/external learning sites to engage in all clinical/external learning experiences. Vaccination requirements at clinical/external learning sites are implemented pursuant to the independent authority of such facilities and are not mandated by San Jacinto College. Failure to meet the immunization requirements mandated by clinical/external learning sites may limit a student’s ability to complete the program and/or may delay the student’s graduation date. San Jacinto College does not process exemptions, and students should address potential vaccination exemptions directly with the clinical/external learning site.


In accordance with Texas House Bill 1508, the College informs all students in this program who may have a criminal background that a criminal history could keep graduates from being licensed by the state of Texas. Students with any questions about their background and licensure may speak with the Department Chair.  

For more information about requirements, students may visit the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR):

Plan of Study


Plan of Study Grid
First TermCredits
CSME 1410 Introduction to Haircutting and Related Theory 4
CSME 1354 Artistry of Hair Design I 3
CSME 1405 Fundamentals of Cosmetology 4
CSME 2401 Principles of Hair Coloring and Related Theory 4
Second Term
CSME 2350 Preparation for the State Licensing Written Examination 3
CSME 2351 Preparation for the State Licensing Practical Examination 3
CSME 1244 Introduction to Salon Development 2
CSME 2439 Advanced Hair Design 4
CSME 2337 Advanced Cosmetology Techniques 3
Summer Year One Term
CSME 1355 Artistry of Hair Design II 3
CSME 2410 Advanced Haircutting and Related Theory 4
CSME 2443
Salon Development
or Practicum (or Field Experience)
CSME 1452 Orientation to Hairweaving/Braiding 4
Third Term
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
MATH 1314
College Algebra
or Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)
Select one of the following: 3
Introduction to Speech Communication
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Business and Professional Speech
Language, Philosophy, and Culture (Humanities) or Creative Arts (Fine Arts) 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
 Total Credits60

Verification of Workplace Competencies; Eligible for the credentialing exam – Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Cosmetology Operator Examination