Core Options for Technical Degrees

San Jacinto College is establishing an institutional exception to the credit hour limitation provided in the Texas Administrative Code for certain program(s). Programs/disciplines taught in an academy-type setting to emulate the standard practice in the applicable workplace, e.g., firefighting, are designed to allow intensive training to mimic the workplace and to develop skills and readiness for critical environments. Curricula for these type of programs are often structured according to regulatory agencies and may require course sequencing beyond the typical higher education pathway.


ENGL 1301Composition I3
ENGL 1302Composition II3
ENGL 2311Technical and Business Writing3


MATH 1314College Algebra3
MATH 1316Plane Trigonometry3
MATH 1324Mathematics for Business and Social Sciences3
MATH 1325Calculus for Business and Social Sciences3
MATH 1332Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)3
MATH 1342Elementary Statistical Methods (Statistics)3
MATH 2318Linear Algebra3
MATH 2320Differential Equations3
MATH 2412Pre-Calculus Math4
MATH 2413Calculus I4
MATH 2414Calculus II4

Life and Physical Sciences (Natural Science)

BIOL 1306Biology for Science Majors I (lecture)3
BIOL 1307Biology for Science Majors II (lecture)3
BIOL 1308Biology for Non-Science Majors I (lecture)3
BIOL 1309Biology for Non-Science Majors II (lecture)3
BIOL 1311General Botany3
BIOL 1313General Zoology (lecture)3
BIOL 2301Anatomy and Physiology I (Lecture)3
BIOL 2302Anatomy and Physiology II (Lecture)3
CHEM 1305Introductory Chemistry I (lecture)3
CHEM 1311General Chemistry I (lecture)3
CHEM 1312General Chemistry II (lecture)3
GEOL 1301Earth Sciences for Non-Science Majors I (lecture)3
GEOL 1303Physical Geology (lecture)3
GEOL 1304Historical Geology (lecture)3
GEOL 1305Environmental Science (lecture)3
PHYS 1301College Physics I (lecture)3
PHYS 1302College Physics II (lecture)3
PHYS 2325University Physics I (lecture)3
PHYS 2326University Physics II (lecture)3

Language, Philosophy, and Culture (Humanities)

ENGL 2322British Literature I3
ENGL 2323British Literature II3
ENGL 2327American Literature I3
ENGL 2328American Literature II3
ENGL 2332World Literature I3
ENGL 2333World Literature II3
ENGL 2341Forms of Literature: Literature and Film3
ENGL 2351Mexican American Literature3
GEOG 1302Human Geography3
HIST 2321World Civilization I3
HIST 2322World Civilization II3
HUMA 1301Introduction to the Humanities I3
PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy3
PHIL 2306Introduction to Ethics3

Creative Arts (Fine Arts)

ARTS 1301Art Appreciation3
ARTS 1303Art History I (Prehistoric to the 14th century)3
ARTS 1304Art History II (14th century to the present)3
DANC 2303Dance Appreciation3
DRAM 1310Theater Appreciation3
DRAM 2366Film Appreciation3
MUSI 1306Music Appreciation3
MUSI 1307Music Literature3
MUSI 1310American Music3

American History

HIST 1301United States History I3
HIST 1302United States History II3
HIST 2301Texas History3
HIST 2327Mexican American History I3
HIST 2328Mexican American History II3

Government/Political Science

GOVT 2107Federal and Texas Constitutions1
GOVT 2305Federal Government (Federal Constitution and Topics)3
GOVT 2306Texas Government (Texas Constitution and Topics)3

Social and Behavioral Sciences

ANTH 2302Introduction to Archaeology3
ANTH 2346General Anthropology3
ANTH 2351Cultural Anthropology3
ECON 2301Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECON 2302Principles of Microeconomics3
GEOG 1303World Regional Geography3
GOVT 2304Introduction to Political Science3
HIST 2311Western Civilization I3
HIST 2312Western Civilization II3
PSYC 2301General Psychology3
SOCI 1301Introduction to Sociology3
SOCI 2319Minority Studies3