Transfer Information

Students should consider all options and should define the requirements for each option. Those considerations should include determining whether or not the college or university offers the program of study they plan to pursue, if they are eligible for the program, and if they are able to meet the enrollment and financial requirements.

Students should discuss TSI-required test scores with an educational planner/counselor and understand what the test scores mean and how they may affect the selection of courses. While college preparatory courses are important for student success, these courses do not transfer for college credit applied to a degree. The Course Descriptions note that many courses have reading, writing, or mathematics skill requirements, which are determined by the placement tests students take upon entry.

Admissions advisors, educational planners, and/or counselors are available to help students determine which and how many courses they should take. The typical load in a spring or fall term is 15 or 16 credit hours; however, students who work more than 10 hours a week, have family obligations, or commute long distances should take fewer hours.

After talking with an educational planner or counselor, students should consider other steps involved in selecting and completing degree requirements. They should consider taking review courses or college preparatory courses if their backgrounds are weak in certain subjects or if a long period of time has passed since they studied a particular subject. Students should take courses in the proper sequence. Some courses have course prerequisites, meaning that certain courses must be completed prior to enrolling in more advanced courses.

Students who have completed college credit at another accredited college or university prior to enrolling at San Jacinto College must submit official transcripts to the Admissions office. Students pursuing a degree at San Jacinto College must request that the College evaluate those transcripts to determine which courses will transfer and apply to the certificates and degrees students have selected at San Jacinto College.