Heavy Diesel Equipment/Crane Technician, Associate of Applied Science

Program Information

If you like big engines, working with your hands, and don’t mind getting a little greasy, a career as a heavy diesel equipment/crane technician is the job for you. Our graduates will be trained in maintain and repairing some of the largest construction equipment and cranes in use.

The Heavy Diesel Equipment/Crane Technician program is designed to not only expose students to diesel engines components and hydraulics but will also allow students to enroll in electrical classes to gain experience in the maintenance and repair of the entire piece of equipment.

A career as a diesel heavy equipment/crane technician is perfect for those who want a stable career along with a chance to problem solve and perform as part of a team. This high demand field may be especially satisfying and provide upward mobility.

Career Opportunities

Texas hires more diesel technicians than any other state. With strong ties to the Port of Houston and the greater Gulf Coast petrochemical industry, San Jacinto College’s program is the industry standard. Specializing in heavy equipment and crane technology will make you more valuable to your employer. Possible job opportunities for graduates include:

  • Onsite crane maintenance technician,
  • Field service technician,
  • Onsite heavy construction equipment mechanic, and
  • Heavy equipment field technician.

Earning Potential

Crane and Tower Operators: $64,1681


Source: texaswages.com, median salary Gulf Coast region, 2021

For more information, students may contact Christopher Uvick, North campus at 281-459-7639.


North Campus


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Plan of Study


Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First TermCredits
ELPT 1321 Introduction to Electrical Safety and Tools 3
CETT 1302 Electricity Principles 3
DEMR 1306 Diesel Engine I 3
ENGL 1301 Composition I 3
DEMR 1405 Basic Electrical Systems 4
Second Term
DEMR 1410 Diesel Engine Testing and Repair I 4
ELPT 1315 Electrical Calculations I 3
MATH 1332
Contemporary Mathematics (Quantitative Reasoning)
or College Algebra
DEMR 1317 Basic Brake Systems 3
Second Year
First Term
DEMR 1316 Basic Hydraulics 3
DEMR 1413 Fuel Systems 4
ELPT 2319 Programmable Logic Controllers I 3
Creative Arts (Fine Arts) 3
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3
Second Term
DEMR 1423
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Troubleshooting and Repair
or Transformers
DEMR 2432 Electronic Controls 4
DEMR 2435 Advanced Hydraulics 4
Select one of the following: 3
Introduction to Speech Communication
Public Speaking
Interpersonal Communication
Business and Professional Speech
 Total Credits60

Capstone Experience: DEMR 2435 Advanced Hydraulics