Transcripts from San Jacinto College

The San Jacinto College transcript serves as the student grade report since no other printed grades are provided. Students may print an unofficial transcript online.

Students can obtain an official transcript at no charge by one of three ways: online, in person, or in writing.

  1. Students may go to, go to Student Records and Request Official Transcript.
  2. To request a transcript in person, students may bring a photo ID to the Educational Planning, Counseling, & Completion office. The College typically fills these requests immediately; however, students may experience a longer processing time during peak registration periods. If a student desires someone else to pick up transcripts, that person needs the student’s written permission (name, student’s generated ID number, and signature, plus the name of the authorized individual) as well as his/her own picture ID.
  3. Students may send a written request to the Records Management office for an official transcript. The request for an official transcript should include the student’s name, name while enrolled at San Jacinto College, student’s generated ID number, date of birth, dates of attendance, address to which the transcript is to be mailed, a signature and a copy of his/her picture ID. Except during registration periods, processing and mailing of transcripts should be completed within two work days of receipt of the request. The College does not charge for transcripts.

The College will not release official transcripts if the student has any outstanding admission requirements or financial obligations to the College. The College cannot provide official copies of any other college or high school transcripts held. Students should request those directly from the issuing institutions.

Retention and Disposal of Student Records

San Jacinto College follows the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO) guidelines and the US Department of Education Local Retention Schedule Junior College as submitted to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission for keeping and disposing of records. The College electronically images and maintains official required documents.