Art (ARTC)

ARTC 1302  Digital Imaging I  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This course teaches digital imaging using raster image editing and/or image creation software: scanning, resolution, file formats, output devices, color systems, and image acquisitions.

Course Type: Technical

ARTC 1317  Design Communication I  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This is an introductory study of design development relating to graphic design terminology, tools, media, and layout and design concepts. Topics include integration of type, images, and other design elements, and developing computer skills in industry standard computer programs.

Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1325 or department chair approval
Course Type: Technical

ARTC 1325  Introduction to Computer Graphics  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This is a survey of computer design concepts, terminology, processes, and procedures. Topics include computer graphics hardware, digital images, digital publishing, vector-based graphics, and interactive multimedia.

Course Type: Technical

ARTC 1327  Typography  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This is a study of letter forms and typographic concepts as elements of graphic communication. Emphasis is on developing a current, practical typographic knowledge based on industry standards.

Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1325 or approval of department chair
Course Type: Technical

ARTC 1371  Digital Marketing for Design  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This course includes an overview of the internet and digital media’s role in marketing and sales with emphasis on exploring current tools and strategies utilized in marketing with a focus on marketing communications and developing customer relationships.

Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1325, IMED 1316
Course Type: Technical

ARTC 2335  Portfolio Development for Graphic Design  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

Students prepare a portfolio comprised of completed graphic design projects. Evaluation and demonstration of portfolio presentation methods based on the student’s specific area of study are explored.

Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1317, ARTC 1327, and IMED 1316 or approval of Department Chair
Course Type: Technical

ARTC 2347  Design Communication II  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 4 Lab)  

This course is an advanced study of the design process and art direction. The emphasis is on form and content through the selection, creation, and integration of typographic, photographic, illustrative, and design elements.

Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1317 or approval of department chair.
Course Type: Technical

ARTC 2366  Field Experience-Graphic Design, Commercial Art and Illustration  3 Credits   (1 Lec, 20 Lab)  

This course offers practical, general workplace training supported by an individualized learning plan developed by the employer, college, and student. The plan relates the workplace training and experience to the student's general and technical course of study. The guided external experiences may be paid or unpaid. May be taken for credit in conjunction with each degree or certificate earned.

Prerequisite(s): ARTC 1317 or approval of department chair
Course Type: Technical