Mammography (MAMT)

MAMT 2333  Essentials of Mammography  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This course is includes concepts, theories, and equipment employed in breast imaging. Emphasis will be placed on breast anatomy, physiology, routine and additional projections and positions, patient education, and assessment. Content will include mammographic techniques for breast compression, magnification, specimen radiography, and selection of technical factors. Course will integrate interventional procedures, special exams, and special modalities. Quality Control and Quality Assurance procedures as described in the Mammography Quality Control Manual will be addressed. This course includes digital mammography.

Course Type: Technical

MAMT 2363  Clinical - Mammography Technology  3 Credits   (0 Lec, 10 Lab)  

This course is a health-related work-based learning experience that enables the student to apply specialized occupational theory, skills, and concepts. Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate of a 2-year accredited medical radiography program in Radiology, ARRT certification in Radiography.
Course Type: Technical