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Subject Code
Accounting ACCT, ACNT
Air Conditioning Technology HART
American Sign Language SGNL
Anthropology ANTH
Astronomy ASTR
Automotive Collision Repair Technology ABDR
Automotive Technology AUMT
Biology BIOL
Biomedical Clinical Equipment BIOM
Business Management BMGT, BUSG, HRPO, MRKG
Business Office Systems and Support BMGT, POFI, POFM, POFT
Chemistry CHEM
Child Development/Early Childhood Education CDEC, TECA
Chinese CHIN
College Preparatory ENGL, ESOL, GUST, INRW, MATH, READ
Communications COMM
Computer Information Technology GAME, IMED, INEW, ITCC, ITNW, ITSC, ITSE, ITSW, ITSY
Computer Science COSC
Construction Management CNBT
Cosmetology CSME
Criminal Justice CJCR, CJLE, CJSA, CRIJ
Diesel Technology DEMR, ELMT
Drama See Theatre and Film
Economics ECON
Education EDUC
Electrical Technology CETT, EECT, ELPT, RBPT, ENER
Emergency Medical Services EMSP
Engineering ENGR
Engineering Design Graphics ARCE, DFTG
English ENGL, ETWR
English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) See College Preparatory
Environmental Health and Safety Technology EPCT, OSHT
Eye Care Technology OPTS, POFM
Fire Protection Technology FIRS, FIRT
French FREN
Foreign Languages See Modern Languages
Geography GEOG
Geology GEOL
German GERM
Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management IBUS, LMGT
Government GOVT
Health Information Technology HITT
History HIST
Humanities HUMA
Instrumentation Technology INCR, INTC, TECM
Interior Design INDS
International Business, Logistics & Maritime See Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Legal Assistant See Paralegal
Long Term Care Administration LTCA
Maritime Transportation NAUT, MARA
Massage Therapy MSSG
Mathematics MATH
Medical Assisting MDCA
Medical Imaging Technology CTMT, DMSO, MRIT, RADR
Medical Laboratory Technology MLAB
Mental Health Services DAAC, PMHS, PSYT, SCWK
Mexican American Studies HUMA
Modern Languages CHIN, FREN, GERM, SGNL, SPAN
Music MUEN, MUSI, MUAP-private lesson
Non-Destructive Testing Technology METL, NDTE, QCTC, WLDG
Nursing RNSG, NURS
Occupational Therapy OTHA
Paralegal LGLA
Personal Trainer FITT
Pharmacy Technician PHRA
Philosophy PHIL
Physical Education/Health Education PHED
Physical Therapist Assistant PTHA
Physics PHYS
Plumber/Pipefitter PFPB
Process Technology CTEC, PTAC, PTRT
Psychology PSYC
Reading INRW, READ
Real Estate RELE
Respiratory Care RSPT
Restaurant Management See Culinary Arts
Sociology SOCI
Spanish SPAN
Speech SPCH
Surgical Technology SRGT
Theatre and Film DRAM
Video and Film Production See Communications
Visual Communication See Art and Design
Vocational Nursing VNSG
Welding Technology WLDG

Course Description Definitions

Throughout the catalog, course descriptions for classes available at San Jacinto College appear when users hover over a course rubric in a program’s Plan of Study or Transfer Plan as well as in the Courses A-Z list. The descriptions will help students choose courses that best fit their degree plan, career goals, and/or transfer requirements.

The information about each course includes the course rubric and number, title, a brief description, any prerequisites, co-requisites, or concurrencies, the semester credit hours (SCH), and the weekly lecture and/or lab hours.

Course Number: A four letter rubric (subject) and four digit number: SUBJ 1234.

  • The first digit “0” indicates College Preparatory, “1” indicates freshman level; “2” indicates sophomore level. In bachelor degrees, "3" indicates junior level and "4" indicates senior level.
  • The second digit indicates the number of semester credit hours (SCH).
  • The third and fourth digits uniquely identify the course.

Course Title: Descriptive title for transcript.

Course Description: A short description of the course content.

  • Prerequisite: Course students must take before the course for which it is a prerequisite.
  • Co-requisite: Course students must take at the same time as the course for which it is a co-requisite.
  • Concurrent: Course students may take before or at the same time as the course for which it is concurrent; listed as Prerequisite with concurrency in the catalog.

(SCH:LEC-LAB): SCH = Semester credit hours of the course; LEC = Lecture contact hours per week for a 16-week course; LAB = Lab contact hours in a 16-week course.

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Note: Courses may not be offered online every semester