Mental Health Services (SCWK)

SCWK 1303  Ethics for Social Service Professionals  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This course covers ethical considerations based on social and human services standards. Includes comparison of ethical codes, confidentiality, dual relationships, guidelines for web counseling, ethical considerations dealing with broadcast media, diversity and multiculturalism.

Course Type: Technical

SCWK 1313  Introduction to Social Work  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This course is an overview of the social work profession and introduction to the terms, concepts, people, and critical events that have shaped the profession.

Course Type: Technical

SCWK 2301  Assessment and Case Management  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This is a study of the exploration of procedures to identify and evaluate an individual’s and/or family’s strengths, weaknesses, problems, and needs in order to develop an effective plan of action. Topics include oral and written communications essential for screening, assessment, and case management to determine the need for prevention, intervention, and/or referral.

Course Type: Technical