Medical Imaging (CTMT)


CTMT 2332  Principles of Computed Tomography  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This course is an in-depth coverage of computed tomography imaging techniques. Image quality assurance and radiation protection are emphasized.
Prerequisite(s): ARRT certification in radiography and acceptance into the program
Course Type: Technical

CTMT 2336  Computed Tomography Equipment and Methodology  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This course consists of: skill development in the operation of computed tomographic equipment, focusing on routine protocols, image quality, quality assurance, and radiation protection. Theory and application of computed tomographic equipment and the principles of patient imaging techniques utilizing the equipment are covered.
Prerequisite with concurrency: CTMT 2332 and CTMT 2360
Course Type: Technical

CTMT 2360  Clinical I - Computed Tomography Technology/Technician  3 Credits   (0 Lec, 9 Lab)  

This is an advanced type of health professions work-based instruction that helps students synthesize new knowledge, apply previous knowledge, or gain experience managing the workflow. Practical experience is simultaneously related to theory. Close and/or direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional in a clinical setting.
Prerequisite(s): ARRT certification in radiography with program approval
Prerequisite with concurrency: CTMT 2332
Course Type: Technical

CTMT 2461  Clinical II - Computed Tomography Technology/Technician  4 Credits   (0 Lec, 16 Lab)  

This course is a practical, general workplace training supported by an individualized learning plan developed by the employer, college, and student. Direct supervision is provided by the clinical professional.
Prerequisite with concurrency: CTMT 2360 and CTMT 2336
Course Type: Technical