Catalog Selection for Graduation

A student becomes eligible to graduate by completing the degree and/or certificate requirements as set forth in the San Jacinto College catalog. These graduation requirements change periodically to meet the various needs of transfer universities, business and industry (employers), and/or cancellation of courses and programs. The College has established the guidelines listed below to assist students in identifying the specific requirements that apply to their chosen programs of study and to identify the available catalog selection options for graduation.

Students are eligible to graduate under the program requirements of any catalog academic year in which they were enrolled in at least one term or the most current catalog at the time they apply for graduation even if they were not enrolled. Enrollment in an academic year is defined as registration, payment, and the posting of a grade on the official San Jacinto College transcript within the academic year. San Jacinto College must still be authorized by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to award the degree or certificate.

For nursing and other specialized programs, the term of acceptance into the program determines the catalog year. When the elapsed time from initial enrollment to program completion is extended, individual courses may have been replaced or canceled.

Students must consult the new catalog each year to confirm whether their chosen programs have been revised or will be replaced, or if a new program has been introduced, which may be more appropriate for meeting their education objectives. Program Advisors will assist students in the selection of the appropriate catalog and courses.

Students who have not completed all course requirements, but have completed the residency requirements for a degree from San Jacinto College, may fulfill their course requirements at another regionally accredited or committee-approved institution and transfer the credits to San Jacinto College. The applicable catalog for graduation will be in accordance with the provisions listed above.

Students whose technical program has been discontinued by the College will be provided an opportunity to graduate under a catalog in accordance with the above provisions provided their graduation dates are within the time period in which the College is authorized by the state of Texas to award the degree. Students whose technical programs are discontinued on one campus, but are continued on another campus, are expected to complete their programs on the other campus or they may attempt to earn other degrees.