Business Office Tech (POFI)

POFI 1001  Digital Literacy-IC3  9.6 Credits   (96 Lec, 0 Lab)  

Learn to use a computer in a business environment. Begin with the keyboard; learning typing skills. Then get an introduction to the computer hardware. Learn how to use the operating system. Gain an understanding of some basic business applications - MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint. Additionally, learn to use the internet and email. You are now prepared to take the optional IC3 certification exam.

POFI 1341  Computer Applications II  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 1 Lab)  

This course is a continued study of current computer terminology and technology that provides advanced skill development in computer hardware, software applications, and procedures.

Prerequisite(s): BCIS 1305
Course Type: Technical

POFI 1349  Spreadsheets  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 1 Lab)  

Intermediate-level instruction includes in-depth coverage in the use of spreadsheet software for business applications. Topics include worksheet creation, modification, and graphics.

Course Type: Technical