Steps to Enrollment

San Jacinto College is an open admission institution, and all students are welcome to apply. We are committed to meeting the needs of all students and will provide any information necessary to make sure the admissions process is clear and concise.

Getting Started

Listed below is an overview of steps to follow to get started at San Jacinto College.

  1. Application - All students must apply online using the Apply Texas website at There is no charge to apply.
    1. Veterans/Dependents - Students who plan to use VA benefits should visit the Veteran Services website for more information on the next steps.
    2. International Students - Students from countries outside the United States must contact the International Student Services office at South campus, S6.120, and may view the website at International Student to obtain the International Student Application packet. Students may refer to the International Admissions section.
  2. Placement Testing - Students should meet with an admissions or outreach advisor to determine testing needed for enrollment.
    Note: Prior to registering for classes, students must provide information to document their Texas Success Initiative (TSI) exemption or compliance. This can be done by testing on campus, providing official test scores, or providing documentation of exemption (See section titled Exemptions from the Texas Success Initiative.)
    English proficiency is required for individuals whose native language is not English. Students should refer to the English Language Proficiency Requirements for Students Who Are Speakers of Other Languages section.
  3. Transcripts - Students must request all official transcripts from high school and/or all colleges attended. Transcripts can be mailed via US Mail to:
    Records Management
    13735 Beamer Road
    Houston, TX 77089
    Unopened transcripts can also be hand-delivered to the nearest San Jacinto College campus. In addition, San Jacinto College accepts electronic transcripts from the following companies: Credentials eScrip-Safe, Parchment, National Student Clearinghouse (NSC), or via EDI/SPEEDE.  Transcripts emailed to the College are not accepted. For more information, students may refer to the Transcripts for Admissions section.
    1. High School Equivalency - Students must verify Texas high school equivalency completion with the Admissions Office. Students may view their high school equivalency results by going to If applicable, students must request high school equivalency transcripts from out of state be sent officially in a sealed envelope from the state of origin.
    2. Foreign transcripts - Documents must be evaluated by an approved evaluation agency. For an approved list, students may go to the College website.
    3. Evaluation - To request an evaluation of US college transcripts, students may call 281-998-6150 or contact the campus Admissions or the Center for Advising, Career, and Transfer for credit to transfer and/or for financial aid purposes. Transcripts must be received and on file with San Jacinto College before students may submit the Transcript Evaluation Form. If all transcripts are not received at the time the initial request is submitted, another request will be required to evaluate additional transcripts.
  4. Meningitis Vaccination - The Texas Legislature requires that all incoming Texas college students under the age of 22 must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis prior to registration. The vaccine is required for all new students to San Jacinto College, including transfer students. Students should provide documentation by going to our Meningitis Information site, clicking the link for the Meningitis Compliance Form under Related Information, completing the form and downloading required documents. Documentation may also be submitted to the campus Admissions office or faxed to 281-669-4720. For additional information on this requirement, students may visit Meningitis Vaccination Requirement.
  5. Orientation - The College requires all first-time-in-college (FTIC) students, including transfer students with fewer than 12 college hours and prior dual credit students, to attend orientation. After students have been accepted, they may sign up for New Student Orientation through SOS at New Student Orientation.
  6. Academic Advising - Students enrolling for the first time should meet with a program advisor to discuss test results and life and career goals and to create an educational plan and select courses.
    Note: A student should claim a Secure Online System (SOS) account before meeting with a program advisor.
  7. Financial Aid and Scholarships - Students may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form online at and contact the Financial Aid office with questions. Scholarship information is available at Financial Aid.  
  8. Register and Pay for Classes - Students may login to SOS to register. Information regarding payment plans is available at Registration and Courses, or students may call 281- 998-6150 with any questions.
  9. Student ID - Students may go to the Admissions Office at least 24 hours after having paid for their first semester of classes to receive a free ID card. The College charges $10 per ID card for replacement cards.
  10. Parking Permit - After registration and payment, parking permits are available to students in the Business Office at no additional cost. A parking permit must be displayed on each automobile parked on any San Jacinto College campus by a student or for the benefit of a student. Students will fill out a brief application and will need their vehicle license plate number. A current student ID card or state-issued picture ID is required to receive a parking permit. The College imposes a fine on any student who fails to comply with parking regulations.
  11. San Jacinto College Email Address - After registration and payment, students may go to Information for Current Students to set up an official San Jacinto College email account. The College sends official communication to the student through this email account.
  12. Services for Students with Disabilities - Accommodations are available to students with documented disabilities attending San Jacinto College. Students with a disability who would like to apply for accommodations should contact the Accessibility Services Counselor at the campus where they plan to take classes:
    Central Campus or Maritime Campus: 281-478-2768
    North Campus or Generation Park Campus: 281-459-7192
    South Campus: 281-922-3444

Completing the Online Application for Admission

Applicants must apply for admission at During the application process, students will be asked questions about their name, home/current residence, mailing address, personal information, program of study (major), high school information, any previous colleges attended and degrees awarded, and residency. Students must also acknowledge that they have read and answered accurately all areas of the application.

The application must be complete and submitted before the College can process it. The College will process the application within 48 business hours after it is submitted. To be sure that the College received the application, students must see the confirmation notice that appears after submitting the application. After the College processes the application, students will receive information sent to the email address they submitted on the application. The information in the email includes next steps for admission and is extremely important. Students must read and comply with any instructions or requests.

Admission is invalid if granted on the basis of incorrect information, omitted facts, or falsified documents which, if known, would have caused the applicant to be ineligible for admission or financial aid. These actions may result in disciplinary action.

Transcripts for Admission

Students are required to submit all official high school and/or college transcripts. Transcripts are considered official when they bear the signature of the registrar or some other appropriate school official as well as the seal of the issuing school and are mailed or submitted from the sending institution. High School transcripts must have the high school graduation date. College transcripts are also considered official if hand carried in a sealed envelope from the institution and submitted within 60 days of issue. High school transcripts can be issued at any time so long as they remain in a sealed envelope from the school. Transcripts become the property of San Jacinto College and cannot be returned to the student.

Evaluation of Transcripts for Transfer Students

Students may request the College to conduct a course-by-course evaluation of official transcripts from colleges and universities accredited by one of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) Recognized Accreditors or approved by College committee. To request an evaluation, students may call 281-998-6150 or contact the campus Admissions or Advising, Career, and Transfer. Transcripts must be received and on file by the College before students submit the Transcript Evaluation Form.

When the evaluation is completed, the student will be notified via his or her College email account after which the student may view the equivalent courses by going to My San Jac Portal, clicking Student Records, and then clicking Unofficial Transcript.

The College evaluates credit from transfer institutions on quarter hours using a ratio of .667 quarter hours to 1 semester hour. The College will evaluate credit from transfer institutions on other calendar types using an appropriate ratio.

Evaluation of Transcripts from Other Countries

Transcripts that reflect completed course work from colleges or universities in other countries must, at the student’s expense, have a course-by-course evaluation completed by a professional evaluation service. Students may access a list of pre-approved agencies at International Transcript Evaluation Services.  

The College will review the evaluation upon request for acceptance before credit will be posted. The College will provide only general credit for course work completed in a language other than English. Equivalency will need to be determined at the department level.

Academic Fresh Start for courses at San Jacinto College

Under the provisions of TEC §51.931, an applicant for readmission may elect an Academic Fresh Start at the time of admission. An applicant who applies under this section and is admitted as a student may not receive any course credit for courses taken 10 or more years prior to enrollment under this section. Students may check with the Admissions for more detailed information.

Financial aid applicants should contact the Financial Aid office before requesting Academic Fresh Start. Students using veterans benefits should contact Veteran Services before requesting Academic Fresh Start.