Electronics Technology (EECT)

EECT 1300  Technical Customer Service  3 Credits   (3 Lec, 1 Lab)  

This course covers general principles of customer service within a technical environment. Topics include internal/external customer relationships, time-management, best practices, and verbal and non-verbal communications skills.

Course Type: Technical

EECT 1307  Convergence Technologies  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 2 Lab)  

This course is a study of telecommunications convergence technologies including telephone, LAN, WAN, wireless, voice, video, and Internet protocol.

Prerequisite(s): Reading level 4
Course Type: Technical

EECT 1340  Telecommunications Transmission Media  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 2 Lab)  

This course introduces the fundamentals of telecommunications media, including installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Topics address media characteristics and connectorization.

Course Type: Technical

EECT 2337  Wireless Telephony Systems  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 2 Lab)  

This course covers principles of wireless/cellular telephony systems to include call processing, hand-off, site analysis, antenna radiation patterns, commonly used test/maintenance equipment and access protocol.

Prerequisite(s): ITCC 1301 or ITNW 1325
Course Type: Technical

EECT 2339  Communications Circuits  3 Credits   (2 Lec, 2 Lab)  

This course is a study of communications systems with emphasis on amplitude modulation, frequency modulation, phase modulation, and digital pulse modulation. There is discussion of several types of modulators, demodulators, receivers, transmitters, and transceivers.

Prerequisite(s): CETT 1357 or department chair approval
Course Type: Technical

EECT 2367  Practicum, (Field Experience) Electronic Technology/Technician  3 Credits   (0 Lec, 21 Lab)  

This course offers practical general training and experience in the workplace. The College, with the employer, develops an individualized plan for the student. The plan relates the workplace training and experiences to the student’s general and technical course of study. The guided external experiences may be paid or unpaid. This course may be repeated if topics and learning outcomes vary.

Prerequisite(s): CPMT 1345 or department chair approval
Course Type: Technical

EECT 2433  Telephone Systems  4 Credits   (4 Lec, 0 Lab)  

This is a study of installation and maintenance of systems including telephone sets, public switched networks, local exchanges, networks, two- and four-wire systems. Topics include tip and ringing requirements and digital transmission techniques.

Course Type: Technical