How to Request Public Information


How To Request Public Information

The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) addresses the process for requesting public information from the College. The TPIA also defines what information is considered “public information.” These are the general guidelines for requesting information from the College: 

  1. Your requests must be in writing. Only written requests trigger the College’s obligations under the Texas Public Information Act.
  2. Requests should be addressed to the College's Public Information Officer: Teri Crawford, Vice Chancellor, External Relations, 4624 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 210, Pasadena, Texas, 77504, 281-998-6152,
  3. Requests must be addressed to the Public Information Officer to trigger an obligation under the Texas Public Information Act. Your request should be for documents or other information already in existence. The College is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or respond to a continuing request to supply future information. The College is not required to create new documents. 
  4. For more detailed instructions, please visit our website.

Change of Name or Address

The College expects students who change their names, residences, email, or mailing addresses to notify the Center for Advising, Career, and Transfer office immediately. The College considers any communication sent to the name and address given by a student on College records to be properly delivered.