Students and Social Media


Social media is a great way for students to stay connected. The College designed the following guidelines to help students navigate the social web at San Jacinto College and in their personal life.

Participate and Connect

We can’t wait to hear from you! Visit any of our social media sites and follow us on the ones that interest you the most. Let us know if you have any questions or what type of information you want to see on our social media sites.

Utilize social media to connect with friends, family, and classmates. Social media provides a great opportunity for you to connect and engage with the world around you.

Be Careful What You Share

Never give out personal information on social media sites such as social security numbers, G number, passwords, PIN numbers, account numbers, your address, or phone number. San Jacinto College will never request this type of information from you through a social media site.

You Can’t Take it Back

Once you post something on social media, you can’t take it back. Always remember that social media sites are not necessarily private. Regardless of your privacy settings, anyone you are connected to might share something you have posted online. Before you post, remember that many employers, colleges, and universities are turning to social media sites to help determine admissions and employee selections. Please be careful what information you share online and consider adjusting your privacy settings.

Classroom Activities

Please do not access social media sites during class times or lab times, unless instructed to do so by your professor. Limit your activity on social networking sites on public computers during times of high traffic; other students may need the machines to complete course work.

Does the College Monitor My Social Media Accounts?

The College does not routinely monitor student social media accounts. Visiting the College’s Facebook page does not mean that we can access your Facebook account.

However, we do monitor the College’s name online. If your Facebook profile and X profiles are set to be publicly shared they could appear in these searches.

We use this information to respond with assistance if we can, or to retweet tweets mentioning the College. Good or bad, we want to know what’s being said about the College. This information helps us evaluate our services so that we can better assist our students.

Finally, although the College does not routinely monitor student social media sites, if a specific allegation of harassment, defamation, or threat of violence is reported, College officials may examine the posting. This is particularly true as to threats against members of the College community that may impact the safety or security of the College community. We take threats very seriously (as per our social media guidelines) and may report to law enforcement or disciplinary authorities as may be appropriate.