Technology Expectations for Students


Courses at San Jacinto College will require the use of some or all of the following:

  • Computer with Internet access (computers are available on campus for students at campus libraries);
  • A San Jacinto College email address;
  • Blackboard learning management system;
  • Productivity software: word processor, presentation tools, spreadsheet, etc.;
  • Windows Media Player;
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader; and
  • Web camera and microphone for Online on a Schedule classes and to support proctored assessments for online courses as required by the faculty.

In addition to the recommended software listed, some courses might require the use of additional software. Students should check the course syllabus to determine what software they may need to access. Students can view the supported browsers and plug-ins that are certified with Blackboard by visiting Students taking exams in the Blackboard system should make arrangements to test on a machine using a hardwired Internet connection to avoid being dropped due to loss of network access during the test.

Students requesting technology assistance may visit

Audio and Video Recording and Photography by Students

College policy restricts when and where students may make recordings using electronic recording devices such as cell phones, cameras, audio/tape recorders, video recorders, electronic tablets, and any other electronic or mechanical devices/systems that are capable of recording audio, human voices, images, or video. A violation of these rules may result in discipline. For more information about processes, restrictions, and permitted electronic recordings, please review San Jacinto College Procedure III.3006.A.a, “Use of Recording Devices by Employees and Students.”