Student Responsibilities


In voluntarily enrolling at the College, students have the responsibility to comply with all state and federal laws and College regulations and policies governing student conduct and academic integrity. Students assume responsibility for their behavior and acknowledge and recognize the following:

  • The Board of Trustees is the policy-making authority for the operation of the San Jacinto Community College District. The Board delegates to the College administration the authority to implement Board policy through procedures, regulations, guidelines, and handbooks.
  • While education is a shared activity, the ultimate responsibility for learning rests with the student.
  • Students are responsible, collectively and individually, for allowing other students to continue their pursuit of education. Students must refrain from interfering with the rights of other students in their educational pursuits or with employees in the exercise of their duties.
  • The right to disagree is well established. In an educational environment and in society at large, the right to disagree is most productive when one shares a viewpoint based on factual information and reasonable inquiry and when one demonstrates respect for those with whom they are disagreeing, including faculty, staff, administration, other students, and campus visitors. Additionally, when approaching the administration about any matter, students must follow established channels of communication and complaint processes.
  • Students have a responsibility to comply with copyright law and to educate themselves regarding copyright infringement, peer-to-peer file sharing, and penalties for violations. For information and resources, please visit Policy VI-K, regarding Appropriate Use of Copyrighted Materials. 
  • Students must comply with the policies, rules, regulations, and generally accepted practices of the College currently in effect or as they may be amended. All policies, rules, regulations, and practices are subject to amendment at any time during the student’s enrollment.
  • Students have the responsibility to comply with all state and federal laws and regulations governing their participation in higher education. Such regulations and laws as may exist or that may be subsequently enacted and adopted shall have precedence over the provisions of this document of student rights.