Official Communications

The College considers the following as official notifications: Communications delivered through San Jacinto College email, posted on the official San Jacinto College website or Blackboard, or published in the College catalog or Student Handbook.

The College automatically generates an email account for all San Jacinto College students who have registered and paid for a class. The College uses this account as the primary email account for student communications. This email service is for student use only.

In the event of an emergency on campus, the College will activate SJC AlertMe. SJCAlertMe is the system that sends safety and security-related notifications via email, voice and text message, as well as through app push notifications and desktop alerts. With SJC AlertMe you can:

  • Receive alerts at up to three emails and three phone numbers (great for letting family members know about emergencies on campus!)
  • Select which campuses you want to receive alerts about
  • Update your default language 

To review your contact information, login to your SOS account and select the 'SJC ALERT ME!' tile under the all users tab. Once you have agreed to the terms and conditions, you can:

  1. Update and confirm your contact information, and add additional numbers or emails. Your San Jac college email will always be selected. 
  2. Make your campus selections. To change your campus notifications, select the 'Opt-in Lists' Tab and unclick any campus lists you would like to be removed from, and click save. You will always receive notifications from your primary campus. 
  3. Select your preferred language. Just click the edit button on the box with your name and San Jac email, select a language from the drop-down menu, and click save.