Campus Posting Regulations

Unless the context specifies a different meaning, the following definitions apply:

  • Sign - any printed or digital material included but not limited to decals, photographs, posters, placards, index cards, notebook paper, handbills, brochures, announcements, and advertisements. A properly posted sign is one that has been displayed in accordance with posting regulations.
  • Banner - any sign larger than 22 inches x 28 inches.
  • Posting - any means for publicly displaying a sign other than carrying it by hand.
  • Authorizing Official - Campus Dean of Student Development, the Coordinator of Student Engagement & Activities, the Director of Campus Services or their delegate.

Carrying Signs or Displayed Signs

Currently enrolled students engaged in expressive activities may display signs in outdoor locations on campus in accordance with this procedure. No pre-approval is required. However, all signs (whether hand-held or posted in a fixed location) shall not:

  • be obscene;
  • be defamatory or libelous;
  • constitute fighting words;
  • seek to direct, incite, or produce imminent lawless action;
  • promote commercial products or services and/or constitute commercial solicitation;
  • be considered prohibited harassment;
  • infringe upon intellectual property rights of the College;
  • violate copyright or trademark law;
  • constitute unlawful harassment based on a protected status (such as race, sex, religion, or national origin) as defined by state or federal law; or
  • promote underage drinking or unlawful use of controlled substances.

Signs may not be used or displayed to interfere with safety signage or traffic lights, block sidewalks or fire hydrants, impair visibility for drivers or pose a substantial safety risk. Additionally, students shall not:

  • materially interfere with the free entry to or exit from a building, structure, or facility;
  • materially interfere with the flow of pedestrians or vehicular traffic on sidewalks or streets or at places of ingress and egress to and from property, buildings, or facilities;
  • deny the use of offices or other facilities to students, faculty, staff, or guests of the College;
  • threaten or endanger the physical safety of any person;
  • force material on an unwilling recipient;
  • engage in conduct that is likely to result in damage to or destruction of property or to cause disruption in utilities; or
  • attempt to prevent a College event or other lawful assembly by the threat or use of force or violence.

Content Restrictions

  • All signs must be in the English language or contain English translation of non-English language passages.
  • All signs in a fixed location must include the name of the responsible organization or individual posting the signs.
  • No sign may be posted that contains material that is obscene, vulgar, or libelous; that promotes academic dishonesty; that is intended or likely to produce or incite imminent lawless action; that materially interferes with the mission of the College; that endangers the safety of others; or that violates public laws or ordinances.

Posting Signs in Outdoor Areas

Currently enrolled students may post a sign in an outdoor area in accordance with this procedure. Signs shall not be attached or posted:

  • to shrubs or ornamental plants;
  • to a tree;
  • to a permanent sign installed for another purpose;
  • to cover another sign;
  • to a fence or chair or its supporting structure;
  • to a brick, concrete, or masonry structure;
  • to streetlights or utility poles;
  • on or adjacent to a fire hydrant; or
  • between a curb or sidewalk.

No permission is required before a student may post a sign on an outdoor bulletin board; however, each sign must receive a stamp with an expiration date by an Authorized Official prior to posting. No sign advertising an event may be posted more than 14 calendar days before the event. A sign advertising an event must be removed after 14 calendar days or one day after the conclusion of the event, whichever is earlier. The College may remove any sign that does not comply with these rules.

Each group or individual is limited to posting two signs on the same bulletin board or kiosk at the same time.

In addition to posting signs on an outdoor bulletin board, currently enrolled students also may display a sign by using a free-standing display stand or by affixing the sign to a wooden post that is capable of being inserted into a grassy area; however, administrative approval is required. Signs may not be larger than 22 inches x 28 inches and cannot be smaller than 3 inches x 5 inches. Students are limited to two signs per grassy area or plaza area and may not promote a commercial purpose. Only authorized College departments and registered student organizations may post a banner.

Before displaying a sign, the student must submit a copy, photograph, or description of the proposed sign along with the dimensions and composition (wood, paper, metal, etc.) to an Authorized Official or designee. The student must identify the proposed location for the sign. Student requests to post a sign shall be approved or not approved within three working days. A request to post may be denied for any of the following reasons:

  1. the proposed use is not in a suitable location because the design or dimensions of the display will substantially interfere with pedestrian access, traffic flow, or public safety;
  2. the proposed use conflicts with previously scheduled activities and events in the same area;
  3. additional signage would exceed the capacity of the area;
  4. the proposed sign is commercial in nature;
  5. the student is under suspension or is ineligible due to a previous violation of these regulations within the previous six months that either was not appealed or to which an appeal has been denied; or
  6. the sign violates these procedures.

If a request is denied, the student may seek review of the decision by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services, who shall rule on the appeal within three working days based on the standards in these procedures.

Posting Signs on Indoor Bulletin Boards

Registered student organizations, students, employees, and certain third parties may request to post notices or signs on indoor College bulletin boards. College bulletin boards are in limited quantity and are not designated for free expression. General purpose bulletin boards are under the jurisdiction of the campus Dean of Student Development, while special purpose bulletin boards are under the jurisdiction of the department or student organization that maintains the bulletin boards.

Signs posted on indoor bulletin boards shall not exceed 16 inches x 20 inches and shall comply with these procedures. The content of such signs and postings shall be restricted to the promotion of events and activities sponsored by recognized student organizations, including membership drives. Student requests to post a sign shall be approved or not approved by the Dean or department maintaining the bulletin board within three business days based on these administrative procedures.

Signs approved for posting shall be stamped with an expiration date by the Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator or his or her designee approving the posting. Persons or organizations who post shall remove each sign not later than 14 calendar days after posting or, if it relates to an event, not longer than 24 hours after the event to which it relates has ended.

Approval Required

All signs must be approved and stamped with an expiration date by the Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator or his or her designee prior to posting. Posting period may not normally exceed 14 days. Persons or organizations who post are responsible for removal of the signs within 24 hours after the expiration date.

Only currently enrolled students, registered student organizations, College employees, recognized employee organizations, College departments, contracted vendors, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies may post a sign on College property.

Improperly posted signs will be removed and discarded without notice. Persons or organizations responsible for improperly posted signs are subject to disciplinary action.

General purpose bulletin boards are under the jurisdiction of the campus Dean of Student Development. Special purpose bulletin boards are under the jurisdiction of the College department or student organization that maintains the bulletin boards. No sign may be posted on a special purpose bulletin board without the permission of the department or organization that maintains it.

These posting regulations shall not be construed to prohibit occupants of private offices or College departments or contracted vendors from posting signs necessary to facilitate college conducted/sponsored operations or to prohibit display of bonafide works of art or decorations consistent with other College policies and regulations.

Size/Location Restrictions

  • Signs must be posted only on bulletin boards or on display stands approved by the Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator or his or her designee. Only thumbtacks or push pins may be used to attach signs to bulletin boards. Display stands may not be placed in any location that has not been approved in advance by an authorized official. Postings on glass and wall surfaces are not allowed. Postings are not allowed on trees or lamp posts.
  • Signs must be no larger than 22 inches x 28 inches and no smaller than 3 inches x 5 inches unless otherwise approved by the Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator or his or her designee. Signs containing personal or commercial solicitations (buy-sale-trade) may not be larger than 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches. Signs containing personal and commercial solicitations must be located only on bulletin boards specifically designated for buy-sale-trade postings.
  • Signs must not be posted so as to overlap or conceal other properly posted signs. Properly posted signs may not be removed without permission from the authorizing official or the person or organization authorized to post the sign.
  • There will be a maximum of one sign per announcement/event/topic per bulletin board.
  • The posting of banners is generally restricted to the interior and exterior of the student center building. The Student Engagement and Activities Coordinator or his or her designee must approve the precise location and method of attachment in advance. No sign may be posted on the grounds or exterior of any other building or structure.