Police Services and Traffic & Parking Enforcement


Campus Police and Emergency Numbers

The San Jacinto College Police Department operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To request assistance or police services on any San Jacinto College campus:

  • Call from any campus phone: 5555
  • For Police Emergency: 281-476-9128
  • For non-emergency: 281-476-1820
  • Hearing Impaired Phone Number for text messages: 713-469-1071
  • Activate a blue light emergency phone

Police General Information

All San Jacinto College police officers are commissioned by the College Board of Trustees pursuant to Section 51.203 of the Texas Education Code and are peace officers licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. They have the authority conferred by Article 2.12 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure, including the power to arrest. 

Traffic Safety

Pedestrians have the right of way at all times.

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle on campus must comply with all Texas traffic laws as reflected in the Texas Transportation Code and all San Jacinto College Traffic Rules and Regulations. Traffic laws and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The College’s traffic rules and regulations are available at the College Police webpage.

Security Escorts

Security or police escorts often are available for members of the College community who occasionally desire additional security while walking in the evening or at other times. This service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis as officers are available, and there may be delays during peak times and certain College activities. Individuals who have a regular or recurring need for security are encouraged to meet with the College Police Department to discuss the individual’s specific needs. The College is unable to guarantee regular service.

Notary Services

Notary services are available at any campus police office during normal business hours.

Emergency Messages

The San Jacinto College Police Department periodically receives emergency messages intended for a member of the College community. The Department will attempt to locate and notify the community member of the emergency via College email or in person. If the student is in class, the Department may attempt to notify the faculty member teaching the class.

Motorist Assistance

Officers are equipped to help San Jacinto College community members with automobile jump starts and when keys have been locked in their vehicles. These services are performed as a courtesy and are provided as officers are available. There may be some delay during peak times and certain College activities or when officers are responding to higher priority calls.


All vehicles parked on San Jacinto College property are required to be registered and display a San Jacinto College parking permit unless the driver is a visitor with legitimate business at a campus. Visitors shall park in parking lots designated for visitors. San Jacinto College citations are issued for failure to display a decal and for parking violations. Parking decals are available at any campus Business Office.

A student who has registered and paid for classes must submit the license number and make and model of the vehicle that the student is registering. Intentional falsification of vehicle registration to obtain a parking permit will result in disciplinary action and could result in criminal charges.

The San Jacinto Community College District assumes no responsibility for the care and/or protection of any vehicle or its contents while the vehicle is operated or parked on campus, near campus, or at off-campus events sponsored by the College. Students who operate motor vehicles on campus shall comply with the San Jacinto College Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Student Responsibility

All persons enrolled at San Jacinto College, including those in noncredit and other special courses must obtain a parking permit. Parents or friends who drive a vehicle with a student parking permit must park in a student lot.

The student is responsible for any vehicle registered/operated or parked in their name at San Jacinto College, regardless of the operator or state of vehicle ownership. A citation will not be excused on the ground that another person was driving the vehicle.

Lost or stolen permits should be reported immediately to the San Jacinto College Police Department.

Disability Parking

Disability parking permits are issued to students who have either a permanent or temporary disability and require accessible parking. These permits authorize parking in spaces designated for use by disabled persons. Disability parking privileges are for the benefit of the registered permit holder only. Information regarding disability parking permits is available at the Business Office.  

For permanent disability parking privileges, the College requires a College disability parking permit be displayed along with a valid state-issued disability parking placard or state license plate when parked in any disability parking space on campus.

If an individual has a disability parking permit and all of the disability parking spaces are full, the individual is authorized to park in any non-restricted space in any lot. This privilege does not include restricted spaces, such as reserved spaces and spots reserved for unloading only.

Ticket/Citation Appeals

A student may file an appeal if they feel the ticket/citation was issued in error. The student or staff member must file an appeal within 10 school days. Appeal forms may be found online at www.sanjac.edu/police or in person at a San Jacinto College Police Department office. The student or staff member may check for a disposition on the appeal 72 hours after the appeal is submitted to their SOS account, or at the San Jacinto College Police Department office.


A visitor is a person who is neither a student nor an employee of the College. Reserved parking spaces have been provided for visitors’ convenience on all campuses and are designated. 

Search and Seizure

Students shall not be subject to illegal search and seizure.