San Jacinto College Complaint Procedures for Students


The College maintains several distinct procedures designed to provide efficiency and expertise in the resolution of student complaints. In situations in which a student alleges multiple, related complaints involving separate procedures (for example, a grade appeal and a discrimination complaint), the Administration reserves the right to process the complaints separately or to consolidate them. When complaints are consolidated, the Administration shall use the procedure that will provide the student with the maximum amount of process.

Impartiality of College Officials

To facilitate prompt responses to grievances or grievance appeals and to preclude conflicts of interest, the Dean Student Rights and Responsibilities, the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services, the Campus Provosts, and/or the Chancellor may designate another College official to consider a grievance or grievance appeal and to render a decision.

Retaliation Prohibited

Every student has the right to file a complaint or to participate in an investigation without being subjected to retaliation. Retaliation is an adverse action taken by an employee or student against an individual who makes a good faith complaint using the procedures in this code, including making a good faith report of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct or who participates in an investigation pertaining to a complaint of discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct. For an action or decision to be considered adverse, it must be materially adverse and be of the type that would dissuade a reasonable person from exercising their rights to file a complaint or to participate in an investigation. Unlawful retaliation does not include petty slights or annoyances. Any employee or student who engages in retaliation may be subject to disciplinary action. Additional definitions applicable to retaliation claims are found in the College’s Allegations of Sexual Misconduct Procedure, Procedure III.3006.D.a, available at