2.0 Definitions

2.1 College: The term “College” means San Jacinto College, including all of its branch campuses, satellite campuses, learning centers, distance learning and district offices.

2.2 Student: As used in this code, the term “student” refers to a person who is currently enrolled in courses at San Jacinto College, whether full-time or part-time. Where specifically indicated, some portions of this Code also may confer rights and obligations upon former students and individuals who are currently active and involved in the admissions process.

2.3 College Community: Any College employee or enrolled student, whether full or part-time, or any person or organization doing business with the College under contract or on a regular basis.

2.4 Notice: Any correspondence from a College representative, deposited with the United States Postal Service by certified mail, addressed to the last known address of the addressee as shown on the College records, personally delivered to the addressee, or delivered to the student’s San Jacinto College email address or other email address designated by the student.

2.5 College Policy: Any provision of a rule, regulation, resolution, or guideline adopted or approved by the Board of Trustees.

2.6 College Procedure: Any provision of a rule, regulation, guideline, handbook, manual, operating letter, or published directive issued by the Administration.

2.7 College Official: Any person employed by the College who is performing assigned administrative or professional responsibilities.

2.8 College Premises: Property owned, controlled, used, leased, or occupied by San Jacinto College, including vehicles and property physically removed from a campus.

2.9 College-Sponsored and Affiliated Activity: Any activity on or off campus that is sponsored, authorized, or supervised by San Jacinto College.

2.10 Hearing: A conference between a charged student and the Dean of Compliance & Judicial Affairs, Compliance Officer, or other College official(s) that provides 1) an opportunity for the respondent to respond to allegations of misconduct; 2) an opportunity for the student to present or receive evidence; and/or 3) an opportunity to receive notice of, or to respond to, possible sanctions for all alleged misconduct.

2.11 Organization: Any number of students who have complied with the formal requirements for registration with and recognition by San Jacinto College.

2.12 Administrative Summons: A written notice to a student to report to a College administrative office at a designated date and time.

2.13 Sanction: Penalty for violating the Code of Student Conduct.

2.14 Public Law: Local, state, and federal laws.

2.15 Compliance & Judicial Affairs Office: This office has been designated by the Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services to consider, and when appropriate, impose sanctions upon students found to have violated the Code of Student Conduct.

2.16 Conduct Appellate Board: Persons appointed by the Campus Provost to conduct a hearing or consider certain appeals from students who have been accused of violating the Code of Student Conduct.

2.17 Commercial Solicitation: Activities related to the sale of goods and/or services for the benefit of an individual, business, or investors.