How to Opt Out


San Jacinto College contracts with servicer providers such as Call/Text-Em-All and Signal Vine to provide automated telephone dialing and texting services. Students can expect to receive communications via text and/or auto-dialer from the following departments:

  • Business Office (Call/Text-Em-All)
  • Financial Aid (Call/Text-Em-All)
  • Outreach (Call/Text-Em-All)
  • Promise Program (Signal Vine)
  • Emergency Management (Rave Mobile)

To opt-out of receiving text messages from all vendors except Rave Mobile, text STOP to the number that sent you a message. Please note that this will only stop messages from the department from which the message originated.

To update your alert settings in Rave Mobile (SJC AlertMe), login to your SOS account and select the SJC ALERT ME tile. Once you have agreed to the terms and services you can update and confirm your contact information and make campus selections for the campus(es) for which you wish to receive alerts. The College will always send an emergency notification alert to your email, so you will not be able to opt out of emails.

If you no longer wish to receive automated phone communications from Call/Text-Em-All, please submit your number at Please note that entering your number on this site will exclude you from receiving all communications from companies who contract with this provider, not just from San Jacinto College.